Mines & Money 2017: When You Need To Be The Trade Show Expert In Your Company

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Most people who handle trade show participation for their companies are not full-time events people* and this can cause problems when it comes to making the most of the opportunities that trade shows offer.

Mines & Money 2017: Success strategies in this white paper from Exhibitors Only
Trade Show Marketing: A Different Set of Skills Are Needed

Trade shows are different to the other forms of marketing that most exhibitors are familiar with in their normal “day jobs’ and this lack of familiarity combined with lack of preparation, can lead some participants to question the value of their spend post-event when they become unsure as to whether or not their participation has been effective.

This white paper presents a clear and logical structure for successful participation in trade shows whatever the level of exhibiting experience. It will be highly beneficial for trade show newbies and for show veterans who are always looking for new ideas and new strategies to improve results.

It answers many of the questions commonly encountered by show management in their conversations with exhibitors and each of the 15 chapters within the white paper is a self-contained tactic that can be applied to address the problem highlighted at the start of the chapter.

*The positions they hold can vary greatly depending on the size of business. Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives are all common job titles among clients of exhibition organising businesses. Other titles in sales or administration or brand management may also be held.

Tips and advice drawn from my own 30 plus years of organising trade shows or exhibiting in them

I have included in the white paper the important and fundamental things will help you to engineer successful show participation for your company including answers to the ever popular questions like; “What’s the best position for a stand?  How do we attract more visitors to our stand? How can we close more business from our leads?”

But, I also explain 4 of my favourite exhibiting success tactics;

  • Setting measurable and deliverable objectives – no more vagueness about results! You will know how to set business-building objectives for the shows that you participate in and how to evaluate event success
  • Using content opportunities as a means to extend the reach of your business in the minds of show visitors and just as importantly, in the minds of those that don’t make it to the event
  • How to work more effectively with the companies that organise the shows you participate in. Most exhibitors (and a lot of organisers) don’t think and work like this…
  • Create pre-show marketing campaigns that work when it comes to attracting more of the visitors to your stand that your company  actually wants to be doing business with
Downloading “15 Steps To Effective Trade Show Participation” Is A Great Start To Improving Your Mines & Money Results

You may well be doing some of the things suggested already but I’ll bet that there are one or two sections that add a different perspective on how you might approach your next events.

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