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The 12 posts of Christmas: Our top trade show posts of 2017 just in case you missed them……

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Posted by , 19th December 2017

The 12 posts of Christmas from Exhibitors Only

Well dear reader, the end of the year is here for Exhibitors Only. This is our last post of 2017. I hope that this year has been a good one for you, your family, your career and business.

In today’s issue, I offer you our top dozen posts of this year just in case you missed one or more of these gems. It’s a 12 posts of Christmas issue….

Looking ahead, we’re back with our first issue of 2018 on Friday 5th January. Meantime, I wish you a happy, fun and peaceful Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


1. Video, the technique that’s set to transform your effectiveness as an exhibitor

Using video to build a following for a business is a very current trend. As a medium, video is an excellent communication medium. Complex messages can be delivered in easy to understand chunks. This is a great medium for content marketing. And that’s what Charles Mills was focusing on in the article he wrote for us back in January. This was definitely not about common or garden, at-show videos.

2. Trade show tech: my view of reality is cooler than yours

This post, our last in January, attracted a lot of re-postings and views on social media. It dealt with three trends that became much more frequently seen at trade shows throughout the year. These were; digital stands; robots and virtual reality.  These trends, which all help exhibitors stand out and engage with visitors,  will continue next year.

3. An interview with an exhibiting whizz

Despite her relative youth, Jeannette La, has a huge amount of exhibiting experience and stand management behind her. On your behalf, I was keen to get her to share some insights for Exhibitors Only. And she did in our 28th February issue.

4. Who needs walls?

A short post I wrote after visiting BETA 2017. The picture tells the story. This post that highlighted a simple but clever approach to stand display, got a lot of shares. Maybe this could work for your business next year?

5. Don’t underestimate what successful exhibiting requires

Underestimating how hard it is to get show visitors to stop at your stand and engage with you at a trade show is something that many new exhibitors overlook. This post which appeared in April, provided strategies for defeating this problem.

6. Design: Recognise the value of design in successful trade show stands

Design. One of the most difficult aspects of working in trade show design is explaining what ‘design’ actually means and its value in a business context. Pete Allen shows why design is so much more than a nice looking stand in his article which was published in April.

7. The fast guide to successful conference & seminar presentations 

Seminars and conferences that run within or alongside trade shows present some excellent opportunities both for your business and for you as the speaker representing your company. These opportunities are too good to miss. Read this article and find out how to gain bonus exposure for your business.

8. What’s The Key To Highly Successful Exhibiting?

The answer to the question above was supplied by Annette Tarlton, Marketing Director, Star Micronics EMEA. Annette is a Marketing Director with a really strong grasp of sales and I had the pleasure of interviewing her and of publishing her advice in one of our July issues. Direct and to the point; Annette’s views will grab you whatever your level of exhibiting experience.

9. Eight ways to extend the value of a blog post. Content marketing in action

There’s a lot written about content marketing. Without trying to make a big science project out of the subject, this article explained in simple terms how you could go about stretching exposure from a single blog post. Given that trade shows offer lots of opportunities for content distribution, I thought you would find this useful.

10. Event ROI : An alternative attribution model and template

Return on Investment (ROI) is an important metric for any marketer, but it’s rarely a simple one to calculate when it comes to trade shows. This article by Mike Piddock of Glisser received a lot of positive feedback. Many of those comments referred to how common-sense Mike’s calculation solution was. That’s why I have included it in this list.

11. The newbie challenge: “My boss has put me in charge of our exhibition stand and I don’t know where to start”

Hey, the first events of 2018 are not that far away. If you are feeling nervous about that fact and your new to events, you’ll find this post soothing. Then you need to make some things happen!

12. Marketing predictions for 2018 and your trade show strategy

Not so long ago it was incredibly easy to build an online audience. A few tweets here, a Facebook campaign there and you were able to drive leads and even make sales. Not anymore. Beth Gladstone’s marketing predictions for what will be effective in the promotion of brands and exhibitors in 2018 and beyond is well worth your reading time. All of Beth’s predications are based on analysis of campaign results achieved this year.

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community