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Event Consultancy

Consultancy services from Exhibitors Only help boost sales results from event participation

Leads are great but, it’s sales that really move the needle

Moving beyond leads 

If you are looking for a specialist event marketing partner that can help you increase sales closed from exhibition and event participation you’ve come to the right place. 

What do you need?

Organising time

Time is a commodity in short supply for many marketing people these days. We can free-up chunks of the stuff for you by handling all or some parts of your preparation for an exhibition, conference or corporate event.  

Event consultancy from Exhibitors Only helped the team at Smart Cookie Media

“Working with David O’Beirne of Exhibitors Only simplified the whole process of exhibiting and saved us masses of time. He helped to simplify a complex task and I would really recommend this service.”
Somi Arian, Director, Smart Cookie Media

Stands and equipment

Do you need some fresh ideas for stand displays and visitor attractions? Perhaps you need a new stand or graphics? Maybe you’ve been thinking about using digital stand walls to engineer more engagement? Or virtual reality….

We can supply ideas and costs from a vast array of services by accessing our network of trusted supply specialists. 


Sometimes we all need an outside view and a fresh perspective to improve results or to gain specialist knowledge. 

That’s what our consultancy service offers. Fresh thinking and ideas but all designed to help you achieve greater sales and a bigger return on your investment in exhibitions, conferences, and live events. 


Event sponsorship can be used to build a profile with the people, companies, and sectors that you most want to work with.

We can advise on sponsorship strategy and if required we can also negotiate and manage your sponsorship agreements liaising with event organisers, venues and your suppliers where specialist installations are required. 


Working on stands and networking with clients and prospective clients at events that you host does require a different set of skills to those most people use in their “day jobs.” 

In live event marketing, it’s vitally important to have those skills in place. 

Why? Because your event team will often be the very first point of contact that a potential client has with your business. So you want and need that impression to be excellent.

We can teach those skills quickly and ensure that you always have your best team working with you at any live event. 

Event organising 

Organising an event, even a relatively small client gathering takes time. There are many details to think about and tick-off a ‘To Do” list. 

We can help to lighten your load by organising the whole event or elements of it.  If you just want help with branding and signage we can do that. Need someone to liaise with speakers, we can handle that too. Need a set for them to talk from or stands for a supplier area, we can source and organise those for you. 

Whatever you need, just let us know. 

GET IN TOUCH: CALL 0203 633 4665
Email david@exhibitorsonly.biz 

exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community