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Events advice and what your social media posts reveal about you

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Posted by , 20th July 2018

Events advice and what your social media posts reveal about you can be read in this post from Exhibitors Only, the source of exhibiting success solutions

Marketing ideas of note 

The rise of personalisation, and how the events industry can embrace it

Brands create personalised content for their customers every day. The way we experience these companies is becoming more and more tailored and the interactions we have are no longer the same as anyone else’s. So why not follow this form of marketing when exhibiting? So says David Fisher, Sales Director EMEA at Freeman in this post published by Event Industry News. 

Capture some of that festive feeling when you next “go live”

Nearly 4 million people go to festivals in the UK annually. What can exhibitors learn and apply from these highly popular events? Find out here. 

Big Data is making its mark on trade show marketing

Trade show marketing is far from obsolete. If anything, the innovation of big data is making trade show marketing that much more effective. I love data (sad I know) because of the sales and visitor power it can wield in event marketing. Read the opinions expressed by the Smart Data Collective here.  

You can now book events in real time at Twickenham

If you think Twickers could be a venue for one of your own events, you can check availability and make a booking online. As explained in this post from Conference News. 

Data shows people want serious long-form content — and brands need to take note

Tweets and short videos aren’t up to the job when consumers want to learn a lot about something they purchase. That’s good news for exhibitors I’d say…long-form content opportunities abound when you exhibit. Read the background story from The Next Web here. 

Brands urged to spend more on people than tech

Companies need to avoid investing too much of their budget in technology without having the expertise to get the best out of it, according to IBM’s Jeremy Waite. From Marketing Week.Read their article here.

Exhibiting advice 

How exhibitors can protect their intellectual property at trade shows

I’ve seen this problem at more than one event that I’ve been involved in organising and it’s a massively annoying problem for the victim exhibitor. This article from TSNNis written by a US lawyer but the principles apply to the UK too.

US lawsuit reveals Chinese firm Huawei’s alleged scheme to steal trade secrets at a Tech summit

Just to show illustrate the previous story – check this post from the Epoch Times 

Event photography: 10+ key shots to include in your trade show marketing plan

Trade Shows and Events offer a wide array of photo ops as explained in this post from Melissa Michel. Although written for organisers, exhibitors can apply this thinking to their event participation. Click here for the post 

A comprehensive marketing guide to trade show success for first-time exhibitors

Good advice if you are new to showbiz from Exhibit Express here. 

5 cheapest-to-most-expensive options for marketing at trade shows

Trade shows are an important component of B2B marketing because they fit almost every budget. Good thinking here from Entrepreneur Magazine 

The Trade Show Countdown: How to Prepare Your Business for a Trade Show

A really useful checklist based on a monthly countdown to an event. From the blog of Webbiquity

5 tips for preparing your stand for a trade show

From Speciality Food Magazine in advance of the Speciality Fine Food Fair in September. But the tips work for most events. Read them here. 

Wise thinking

4 reasons every B2B marketer needs to attend trade shows

A trade show is an investment in the future of your business. When you visit a trade show, you’re placing your products and business in front of potentially thousands of targeted leads, boosting awareness of your brand and even positioning yourself and your brand as an authority in your field. This from Quick Tap Survey 

The more miserable you are, the happier your social-media posts and this Twitter thread proves it

The heading above from Inc provides a very good idea of what their post is all about. Cheer yourself up now by clicking this link to their story.  

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community