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Exhibit solutions: Getting more from conferences: Removing plastics from giveaways….

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Posted by , 4th May 2018

Exhibit solutions and other great ideas in Exhibitors Only

Robots in disguise: Humanoid robot carries two passengers and turns into sports car

I’ll bet this “product” will be appearing at shows very soon.  It will definitely appeal to Transformer fans. This post and the image above are from Techspot’s blog.

Get a head start: Be on trend with your conference participation 

Participate in conferences? Knowing the trends that conference organisers may seek to follow with their events could help you gain better traction from your participation. This article from Conference News presents the top 10 themes trending in conferences right now. Read them here. 

The problem of plastics in giveaways

This article published in TNW (The Next Web), highlights in a very straightforward way, two problems that exhibitors face now or will increasingly have to overcome in the future. Money wasted on poor quality giveaways at shows and the increasing revolt by the public against plastic. It’s an excellent read.

For storming sales read this post from Inc.com

Top-earning salespeople use this 1 easy strategy to outperform everyone else. What is their secret? Read this article published in Inc.com to find out and start improving your sales performance.

Outside the box continued…

In the “who would have thought” category. comes this article from dezeen on the U-Joints exhibition that was part of Milan Design Week. Connective joints are “design projects in their own right”, according to the curators of what was a huge U-Joints exhibition. Great images accompany this article. 

How to use social media to win at trade shows

From the blog of American Image Displays. An informative article from a company that provides lots of excellent support information to exhibitors. Go here for this story. 

Exporting: Survey shows some optimism, but fears over Russia and trade wars

UK businesses remain fairly confident about the state of global trade, but continued Brexit uncertainty, the threat of trade wars, and strained political relations with Russia have all taken their toll. This story is from The Institute of Export.

Creative thinking:  Times Square’s Design Pavilion will include an inflatable building and innovative products

A giant inflatable structure, right in the middle of New York’s Times Square brings innovate thinking and products to the heart of the city. Click here for the story which was published by AM New York.

Exhibit solutions: When you need a showroom on your stand or an additional high impact, display space

Exhibit solutions and other great ideas in Exhibitors OnlyLooking for an innovative and high impact way to create an instant showroom on your stand? Do you need an additional show space inside or outside the halls? If you do, we have the solution.

We can supply event display solutions like the one above provided for Adidas. Each unit can be customised to suit your display objectives. All can be connected to power so lighting and digital displays can be included too.

For more details call 0203 633 4665 or email david@exhibitorsonly.biz

4 tips for maximising trade show marketing with digital

This just in from Chief Marketer. Go here for their tips and post.

Marketing vs. Sales: Different yes, but it’s vital that they work together

Just in case you missed this article which appeared in Tuesday’s issue of Exhibitor Only. It’s a doozy.

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community