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Keep innovating! More ideas for creative show marketing and great sales results in the Friday update issue

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Posted by , 27th October 2017

Exhibiting solutions and ideas every Friday from Exhibitors Only

This week’s update issue has a nice mix of practical and creative ideas all in one easy to get through read. The first article in the list is one of my favourites of the year, apart of course from all the ones we publish.  It has some great tips for keeping you focused on the revenue side of exhibiting. Hope that you find this and the other seven, interesting and more importantly, useful. 

Feel free to send me links to articles and news that you like and think would benefit other live event marketeers.   

Wishing you a great weekend!
David O’Beirne 

Sales needs a clear message, solid audience intelligence to close business at trade shows

This article is written by Ken Stout, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) at True Influence. It’s one of my favourite articles of the year and that’s because I love the business-building aspect of trade shows. And, if you’ll forgive the pun, this post is right on the money. Lots of great advice in one succinct article from someone whose job is all about bringing in revenue to their business.

Innovation of the week: Lufthansa’s Flying Lab turns aeroplanes into an event space

Lufthansa believes that being stuck on a transatlantic flight can involve more than just eating, drinking and watching movies. Through a year-old program called FlyingLab, the German airline is hosting digital-focused events from 30,000 feet. This from Digiday.com 

Dare to be different: 6 ideas for achieving standout sales and trade show results

Just in case you missed this article from Tuesday’s edition of Exhibitors Only in which I urge you to do things differently if you want improved results.

Sorry, Powerpoint: The slide deck of the future will be in AR

From Wired.com news on where our presentations will be coming from very soon. I like the sound of a digital poster board. More here.

How to make the most of trade shows in 22 steps

This is one of the most comprehensive articles of it’s kind that I have read. If you are new to exhibiting, this article from Export Worldwide is going to be really helpful. Everything in the article is based on their exhibiting experiences. It’s very good.

These 7 habits literally add years to your life, according to science

From Inc.com – this can only be good right? You have the weekend to start changing things if you have to. Read the details here.

CEIR publishes a “how-to-guide” for gamification at exhibitions

This from Meetings & Conventions: The Center for Exhibition Industry Research has  published a new Industry Insight Series Report, “How Exhibitors Can Use Games and Contests to Drive Greater Trade Show Success.”

“CEIR’s recent research on attendee engagement has uncovered that games that educate attendees about an exhibitor’s products enjoy high attendee use,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “Though this research also finds too few exhibitors are using this highly effective attendee-engagement tactic.” You can download the report (paid for) from this page.

MoMA takes on fashion, and it will change the way you think about style in 4 key ways

This story is from Inc.com and it’s about New York’s Museum of Modern Art and a fashion exhibit comprising “111 things that together can constitute our whole understanding of fashion of the last 100 years.” No small undertaking but great thinking that will help you next time you are planning your show stand and what’s going to go on it.

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community