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NEC Birmingham gets a facelift: Exhibiting tactics that improve sales: Left-field strategic thinking

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Posted by , 14th July 2018

David O'Beirne speaking at the BNC Event Show in London

David O’Beirne speaking at the BNC Event Show in London this week.  

NEC Birmingham unveils £4.5m project facelift

The NEC Birmingham has unveiled details of an extensive £4.5m transformation which, management says, will completely change the look and feel of the venue. Work has already started. Read what’s coming in this article from Conference News.

15 trade show booth success tips

Some excellent tips and ideas in this post from the Huffington Post. Click here for the advice. 

Qualifying prospects in your trade show booth

Straightforward and easy to use advice in this post from TSNN. Check it out here. 

Exhibitor advocacy is falling: Why you shouldn’t let your business be counted among the disillusioned

Last autumn saw the release of some telling research results. The research had been carried out among exhibitors globally on behalf of UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.  Read the headline points from that research in this post from Exhibitors Only. 

5 ways to maximize ROI at trade shows

“No matter the industry, exhibitors keep the same big mistakes at trade shows. It leaves me shaking my head, thinking. You spent so much money to get this booth, why aren’t you making the most of it?” Not my words but those of the author of this post published by Connect Association. 

IPEX bows out after nearly 140 years

Reputedly the world’s first ever printing trade show, opening its doors for the first time in 1880. Traditionally held every four years, the event would routinely take over most of the 20 huge halls at Birmingham’s NEC. Sadly, this will happen no more. If you are familiar with this one-time mega show you will be interested in this article which was published in Print Week. 

Be careful when you tap that app

When you exhibit you are often surrounded by thousands of strangers, or frequently downloading a new app to interact with a convention center or a new piece of technology. This exposes you and your phone to a lot of security risks, so make sure your device is wearing protection. That’s the message of this post from Exhibit City News. 

The problem with trade shows is not trade shows, Part two

The widespread rumours of trade show collapse are just flat-out wrong, argues Rick Vosper in this post from Cycling Industry News. Yes, it’s about the bike industry but the views expressed about their shows could apply to most others. Read it here. 

Trade shows can build sales for your business if you know how to use them

A 5-step guide to getting better survey response rates using Facebook Messenger

Online marketing surveys are notorious for being ignored which is a pain for exhibitors and organisers who use them to gauge buyer interest post-event. Search Engine Journal presents some tips for improving your response rates. Access their post here. 

Email turns 40, but email marketing remains relevant

Following the improving your response theme in the previous article, this one from Ecommerce Bytes is on the relevance of email. Over a generation has passed since the first email zipped along from sender to receiver. The medium persists today, useful in delivering plenty of information to its recipients as explained here. www.ecommercebytes.com

Have you got the right social media schedule in place?

Social media is a great promotional tool for exhibitors which is why I’ve included this post from My Frugal Business. Get your scheduling straightened out in this post. 

Friday’s left-field thinking

This vitamin startup wanted to get it right — So it launched a completely fake company first to validate their idea. Nothing to do with exhibiting but a good example of creative thought will be found in this post from Inc. 

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community