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Salesforce on event sales without sponsorship: The safe way to increase stand size: How Disney create attractions ….

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Posted by , 16th February 2018

Good news: It's Friday and we have lots of new exhibiting ideas for you at Exhibitors Only

Trade show advice

3 ways to get sales out of a conference or trade show (without sponsoring It!)

From Salesforce, a company that knows a fair thing about events (they organise some very big events of their own) as we’ll as sales software. You can read their post on a subject close to my heart here. 

How ZUUS Dynamic Scheduling gets the most out of their trade show appearances

“What they settled on was a booth that highlighted the perfect product shot.” This informative article was posted by Predictable Revenue. What ZUUS discovered might just work for your business too. Read the details here.  

Trade show advice for start-ups

The importance of in-person communication is the reason trade shows continue to be the “oldest trick in the book” when it comes to lead generation. That’s the lead from this post published in Business.com. Here are six exhibiting tips for start-ups.

Custom exhibit manufacturer, Gilbert, shares five tips for optimising day of event workflow

Five suggested things to think about or plan for when a show is open. This is from the blog of Markets Business Insider. Go here for the post. 

Increasing your stand & display space: When it’s time to go “large”

There comes a time for many exhibitors when they feel the need to substantially increase the size of their stand. This post from Exhibitors Only presents advice on how to handle things when you want to dramatically increase your stand space.

Marketing & show news

Making magic: how Disneyland Paris’ most famous rides are designed and built

This article is not connected to trade shows directly, but it’s included to show how the world’s leading attraction builder goes about creating new rides. What on a smaller scale could be applied to your trade show stand design and build? A great read anyway from T3.com. Go here for the article.

Measuring how offline marketing drives website traffic: The fundamentals

Looking to track your offline marketing campaigns? Marketing Land contributor John Lincoln, walks you through the process and the tools you’ll need to help you determine which offline marketing channels are the most effective. You can read his article here.

Exhibition firms bet on Shanghai

The Shanghai free trade zone is fast becoming a destination of choice for global exhibition companies that are planning expansion in the country, according to a top official. This post from Ecns.cn features some of the industries that will be served by new events this year and next. You’ll get the details here.

5 tips for successful trade show marketing

If you are looking for good basic advice for making a success of your show participation, read this post from Industry Archive. Click here. 

Expect a more natural 2018

For those readers who work in the food industry. Predications from Wholefoods Magazine. You can read them here.

Career & Growth

How To Hack Deadlines For Better Work

Mass hysteria. Weeping. People huddling together in comfort. Yes, the doom mongering power of deadlines as described by the author of this post from the site of Endless Events.  Learn how to make deadlines less scary here. 

The best presenters don’t memorise their speeches, really–here’s why

The one thing guaranteed to beat the fear of deadlines, is the fear of public speaking. This advice comes from Inc and public speaking expert Kindra Hall. Read the story here. 

How to contribute to Exhibitors Only

If you have an idea for an article, a news item or an image that you feel would be of interest to readers, email david@exhibitorsonly.biz

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community