When you need to be the event expert in your business

Exhibitors Only is for marketing specialists regardless of job title, for whom exhibiting and live events are not part of their usual “day job.”

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Depending on your level of experience you may not need all of the tips. On the other hand, if you are a complete exhibition newbie, you will find this guide invaluable and probably a big stress reliever too.

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Exhibitors Only: When you need to be the event expert in your company

Exhibitors Only: We love trade shows and live events. Plug yourself into ideas, tactics, standout products and displays and a fast-growing community of active exhibitors 

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White paper abstract 

Most people who handle trade show participation for their companies are not full-time events people* and this can cause problems when it comes to making the most of the opportunities that trade shows offer.

Trade shows are different to the other forms of marketing that most exhibitors are familiar with in their normal “day jobs’ and this lack of familiarity combined with lack of preparation, can lead some participants to question the value of their spend post-event when they become unsure as to whether or not their participation has been effective.

This white paper presents a clear and logical structure for successful participation in trade shows whatever the level of exhibiting experience. It will be highly beneficial for trade show newbies and for show veterans who are always looking for new ideas and new strategies to improve results.

*The positions they hold can vary greatly depending on the size of business. Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives are all common job titles among clients of exhibition organising businesses.

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