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Trade Associations: Why you need to offer exhibition & event training to your members

Members of trade associations disillusioned with exhibiting results are likely to become “ex-exhibitors” very quickly: This is potentially financially damaging to trade bodies and to members who will lose business to savvy competitors

Provide event training and you can transform both the attitude towards shows and the results achieved from exhibiting

Members of trade associations disillusioned with exhibiting results are likely to withdraw from shows. This training from Exhibitors Only provides skills for event success

Successful trade show participation can generate huge leaps in sales especially for small businesses 

  • Complaints about trade shows “not working” and being “too expensive” are due to poor participation results
  • Many exhibitors lack exhibiting preparation and selling skills, two big causes of poor performance
  • Trade associations need their members to benefit from exhibitions and events

Many trade associations organise their own events both to promote sales for members and to generate funds for the association.

But, if members aren’t getting excellent results from their events, there is a very real danger of financial loss to the association. Exhibitors who can’t see a return on investment are likely to drop out of events altogether. And once they do, it’s very hard to get them back.

In-depth research highlights that “exhibitor advocacy” is falling – But not with exhibitors who receive training & event support

Research produced for UFI the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry highlights exhibitor disillusionment with trade shows.

Comprehensive analysis of survey data from visitors and exhibitors was undertaken by event research specialist Explori.

In total, 1040 trade shows from over 40 countries conducted post-show research through Explori.

Findings also derive from in-depth interviews conducted with 57 trade show directors from 17 different countries.

The report delivers key findings related to exhibitor behaviour based on:
  • Levels of exhibitor loyalty to and advocacy of the industry
  • Exhibitor needs
  • The extent to which these needs are being met by the industry
Key findings
  • Exhibitor advocacy is low across the globe: only 25% of shows have a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Globally, exhibitors rate the exhibitions they attend with a negative average NPS of -17
  • More than one-third of global exhibitors declare low levels of satisfaction with exhibitions but show a high level of loyalty towards individual shows. This group of exhibitors is understood to be open to defecting to competing channels
  • Shows with high exhibitor NPS are more likely to experience growth: 71% of shows with positive NPS are experiencing growth in exhibitor numbers whereas only 32% of shows with negative exhibitor NPS do
  • In addition, more than twice as many high NPS shows are experiencing notable revenue growth when compared to low NPS shows.
  • Exhibitions that offered exhibitor training to all, or most, saw a 23 point boost in NPS vs shows that did not provide this service. This suggests that educational offers for exhibitors are a promising reaction to poor NPS scores
  • And a proper newness strategy also boosts exhibitor satisfaction: shows that actively promote newness have notably higher exhibitor satisfaction score than shows that do not: 3.71 vs 3.35 (out of 5).
  • For more details on the research visit Explori here

Trade shows should be seen as engines of sales growth for small businesses – We show why

Explori’s research findings are both sad and worrying.

The big opportunity that trade show participation has always offered, the potential to significantly grow sales, is being lost. And why is that? Because so many exhibitors don’t know how to exhibit successfully.

For trade associations who rely on events to fund their wider activities, this lack of engagement poses a very real threat to development.

It also means that member businesses are not growing as they should be because of lost exhibiting sales.

Most people who handle trade show participation for their companies are not full-time events people* – We show them how events fit with their other marketing activities

In the digital workplace, organising stands at trade shows is outside the scope of most marketing-related jobs. Therefore, trade shows are very different from other forms of marketing that most exhibitors are familiar with.

This lack of familiarity combined with a lack of preparation can lead some participants to question the value of their spend.

Post-event they are unsure as to whether or not participation has been effective. This feeling of unease leads in turn to the low advocacy rates highlighted in Explori’s research.

It’s also why many marketing and sales people view being nominated as the stand organiser for their company as a poisoned chalice assignment. Why this is the case is explained in the video below.

*The positions they hold can vary greatly depending on the size of business. Managing Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives.  These are all common job titles among the clients of exhibition organisers.

The solution? Include a Giant Leap speaking slot in your next member meeting. Members will receive;

  • Clear guidelines for exhibiting success
  • The removal of uncertainty about success measures
  • The confidence to use the event medium

The Giant Leap format is designed to provide association members with clear guidelines for using exhibitions profitably irrespective of their level of experience.

Newbies will feel much more confident about their ability to produce results for their business. They will be shown that success can be achieved in a very direct and straightforward manner. For show veterans, a session offers new ideas and tactics they may not have considered using.

Leads are great but sales are better!

Focusing on sales rather than leads is the big difference between a Giant Leap presentation and the usual style exhibitor talk.

That’s because focusing just on leads can detract from one of the biggest benefits of trade shows. Their ability to catapult a company’s growth upwards.

That’s not to say that exhibiting to generate sales leads is wrong.

You need live leads before you can make sales. But for big success, to make those giant leaps that propel a business forward, you need to look beyond leads as your success measure when you exhibit. And making SALES is what this fast-moving seminar is all about.

What your members will get from this presentation – The fast route to event success

A Giant Leap presentation delivers the information that marketing people need in a concise style and in language they understand. Key takeaways include;

  • Clarity about the sales building benefits of exhibitions and conferences
  • The confidence to take the steps needed to organise successful trade show participation
  • The desire to make exhibitions work on a much higher level for their businesses
  • Supporting notes that can be used for future guidance

How much time is needed to deliver the presentation? – We will fit with your schedule

45-55 minutes is the ideal time slot but the presentation can be shortened to 30 minutes if required. The shorter version is designed to impart the most important elements of the Giant Leap strategy.

We can also run half-day sessions that offer a more in-depth approach to successful trade show marketing and this training can include Visitor Panels for added impact.

Members of trade associations disillusioned with exhibiting results are likely to withdraw from shows. This training from Exhibitors Only provides skills for event success

Seminar speaker David O’Beirne, Publisher of Exhibitors Only

Giant Leap Trade Show Marketing is delivered by David O’Beirne. David is Publisher of Exhibitors Only, the online resource that promotes effective exhibiting.

David O’Beirne’s event experience is extensive. His career spans more than 30 years and has covered exhibition organising, exhibiting, contracting and training.

He has worked with hundreds of exhibitors from many different countries and in many different venues. David has been an exhibitor in trade and consumer shows both in the UK and on the European mainland. Currently, he advises clients on how to make the very most of the opportunities that live events present.

Provide members with the thinking they need to transform their exhibiting and business results – The Autumn show season is not far away

Contact us today on 020 3633 4665 to discuss
a speaking slot for an upcoming event

To discuss including a Giant Leap Trade Show Marketing slot in an upcoming member meeting, call
0203 633 4665 or email david@exhibitorsonly.biz

We can discuss the objectives for your meeting, the profile of attendance and the time slots that you are working with. Following our discussion, we will send a proposal with suggested content for our section of the programme.

The Autumn show season is not that far away so now is the right time to get in touch: Call 020 3633 4665: Email david@exhibitorsonly.biz

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community