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Trade show marketing Friday: 12 more ideas to boost your exhibiting and career prospects

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Posted by , 2nd March 2018

Trade show marketing Friday: And the prize for best costume goes to....The Friday update from Exhibitors Only

And the prize for best costume goes to…. These ladies from Corporate Entertainment Professionals were exhibiting at the Event Production Show at Olympia this week. Drink anyone?

Trade show advice

Top 10 inside tips on trade show selling

This is an excellent article from TSNN. The tips are based on the recommendations of a veteran sales consultant who has “walked hundreds of trade shows.” You can read sage advice here. 

After-show sales management: The show is over, now what?

Want to know what after-show sales management is? Read this post from Exhibitors Only and our expert author, Jeannette La to find out.

The 5 most important trade show investments to generate a strong ROI

Trade shows let you take your company on the road and showcase your value. In this post from Inc magazine, strategies are presented to ensure you bring much more home than just memories. Go here for this one and make those memories, good ones.

How to incorporate social media into your trade show strategy

4 good tips are within this post from Xibit Solutions. Access them here. 

Why you should prep for your tradeshow like a job interview

Like an interview, trade show marketing yields success proportionate to the effort you put into it. Would you walk into a job interview cold? That’s the gist of this story from Corporate Ink. Get ready for your next show here. 

Marketing & show news

6 easy marketing wins that will sharpen your sales results

I wrote this article for the ESSA blog (Event Supplier & Services Association). The owners of small businesses often wonder what they can do quickly to make their sales and marketing more effective. If this is something that’s troubling you, then you will find this post useful.

The reality of virtual trade shows

This article from JT Mega, looks at the pros and cons of virtual trade shows. They have yet to take-off but, with businesses increasingly reviewing marketing spend and returns, digital organisers keep trying to win clients. Go here for for this story.

The next big thing in Promo

After the fidget spinner took the promo industry on a whirlwind last year, which product will be the hot commodity of 2018? The Advertising Speciality Institute has the answer.

The colossal significance of Smarketing in B2B Sales

If like me you hadn’t come across the term “smarketing” before you now and you are intrigued to find out what it means….Read this post from the blog of Jifflenow.

China International Import Expo to debut In Shanghai, helping boost world trade

In a significant move to further support the growth of global trade, China International Import Expo (CIIE) will launch its first exhibition at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from 5 to 10, November 2018. With an exhibition area covering over 59 acres (240,000 square meters), CIIE signals the Chinese government’s latest push towards a new era of high-level opening-up, and is an important landmark in the continual opening of the Chinese market to the world. Continue reading this post from Markets Insider here. 

Career & Growth

7 lessons about networking people learn too late in life

Don’t wait too long to learn these tips which are from Inc. Improve your networking and mingling skills by going here.

Know your worth, and then ask for it

Your boss probably isn’t paying you what you’re worth — instead, they’re paying you what they think you’re worth. Has that got your attention? Pricing consultant Casey Brown shares helpful stories and learnings in this Ted Talk that can help you better communicate your value and get paid for your excellence. Bet you’ll be looking forward to Monday after watching this.

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community