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Trade show trends: Snapchat for shows: Experience marketing and more …..

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Posted by , 12th January 2018

Good news: It's Friday and we have lots of new exhibiting ideas for you at Exhibitors Only

Trade show advice

4 contemporary trade show trends that offer big marketing value

This post on trade show trends comes from the Insights blog of the ITA Group. Four ideas you might want to consider for an upcoming event are concisely presented. You can see them here.

Will Snapchat marketing work for my business?

From the B2C blog. This short article on using Snapchat includes an idea for exhibitors at trade shows. More on this here.

A short guide to creating memorable trade show experience marketing

If you think experience marketing is for companies bigger than yours, read this article from Exhibitors Only. Hopefully, it will change your mind.

Trade show marketing & show news

Mercedes-Benz and the story of the exhibitor becoming the show

This post from the blog of UFI Live explains how Mercedes Benz took a very different approach to exhibiting at the world’s largest motor show, IAA Frankfurt.

Your go-to email templates for trade show marketing

3 ready-made email templates that you could use or adapt for your next event. From the blog of The Infotainers.  

Engaging the experience generation

From Marketing Magazine in Australia comes this post highlighting why live events have never been so popular both for consumers and for business. Click this link to read more.

Why the conference keynote is shrinking

Things are changing in the conference world. If you use speaking opportunities to build profile for your business, it’s useful to know what’s changing. This article is from Event Marketer.

Gathering the Tribe: Why user conferences are on the rise

Ever thought about running your own corporate event? This article from Utah Business provides a good guide. Don’t think you have to attract the big numbers they talk about either….

PS. Our event consultancy service can help you get organised too. Email info@exhibitorsonly.biz for more on this.

New Italian amusement trade show

The first Rimini Amusement Show will take place in Rimini, Italy, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Association of Coin-Op Operators, from March 14-16, 2018. Details here.

Ham hub at Spanish show to be ‘biggest ever’

Spain is hoping to supercharge its pork exports with Intercarn, the meat arena for trade show Alimentaria 2018, set to be the biggest ever. Full details on this story are carried by Global Meat News here. Alimentaria is one of Europe’s biggest food shows.

Europe Biobank Week 2018: Biosharing for Scientific Discovery

Building on the momentum of Global Biobank Week in Stockholm last year, 2018 will see yet another edition of Europe Biobank Week (EBW). For more details on this event visit this page. 

Career & Growth

Why these 8 types of people are more likely to get hired by Google, Apple, and Facebook

If you want to get hired by a great company, determine your personas and market them to employers who need them. This article from Inc explains what that means and why it’s important to know.

How to contribute to Exhibitors Only

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exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community exhibitors only join the best practice show community